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                  Guangdong Kilint Electric Co.Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service of gas boilers, gas commercial boilers, gas water heaters and steam thermal equipment.        


          Kilint Gas Boilers-Let you experience a high quali

          Do a good job of everything of the customer and stick to the promise of "reputation first, service first"

          • Radiator heating
            Radiator heating

            Central heating,not afraid of winter.

          • Floor heating
            Floor heating

            Full house heating,bringing you warmth.

          • Air heating
            Air heating

            "Double mode" heating is freely selectable, room temperature can be adjusted.

          • domestic hot water
            domestic hot water

            Hot water is available at any time to meet the daily hot water needs of the whole family.

          • Hot water bath
            Hot water bath

            Constant temperature and comfort, bid farewell to the cold and hot.

          • Room heating
            Room heating

            The pleasant temperature makes the winter warm.

          Mobile:+86-189 2998 8599 Telephone:+86-757-22905156

          Address:Company Address :No.26, Ronggui Street, Xinghua Road,Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Prov. China
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